Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm Sorry and Movies

Life's been a little turbulent as of late so I haven't really had the time to post. Also, that means I haven't had the time to be reading up on all the blogs around here either.

For that I would like to sincerely apologize.

Now, I know what you're thinking
"it's not that big of deal, it doesn't really matter, you don't have to apologize"

But it's a big deal to me. It matters damn it!

We put a lot of effort into our shit and we want people to read it. So, whether you want it or not there's my I'm sorry and I really am :(

I've spent the little free time I have had watching movies. I will leave a few thoughts on those before I go.

Conan (the new one)

I was really into it at first, thought they were doing great job, but then it slowly stared to go down hill. By the end of it I was just like "yeah sure whatever" There were a few things they did right, but even more they did wrong. The guy they cast in the title role did a good job. One thing they did wrong was never giving him a total 'bad-ass' moment (except for when he was a kid, but that doesn't count) It's Conan, you've got to give him at least a few of those.

Also they totally fudup the ingenue. You can't do that, gotta get that part right. I'm a big fan of the older movies and compared to those this one just isn't up to snuff.


This movie was friggin sweet. After seeing the trailers numerous times I had totally discounted this as another generic action movie that I would be none the worse off for not having seen. However, after hearing a few good things and even reading a few good things from around these here parts (I can't remember from who exactly, but I want to say maybe from Infinite Plans, please forgive me if it was someone else who wrote up a good review, but anyway) I decided that maybe my initial evaluation of the thing was wrong and I should give it a chance. I did and I was wrong. It was not generic at all. It was great.

I could find a few things wrong with it. Ryan Gossling played awkward great, but sometimes a little too akward. The relationship between him and the lead actress is portrayed as very awkward, which gives it a very  genuine and real quality. I like that a lot, but again sometimes it can be too awkward. Anyway, this movie's worth a viewing. Chances are you'll like it.


I absolutely loved this movie. One of the best I've seen in a long time, can't say enough good things about it. If you haven't seen it yet you should. It is a love poem to the art of the written word, story-telling, art, and media in general. If you've ever attempted to compose a piece of work in the hopes of affecting someone, you will love this movie and doubly so if that person was someone you loved.

I would like to mention that not only did this film not win an Oscar for best screenplay ( a silent film won that category), it wasn't even nominated. There are many reasons to piss and moan about how stupid the Oscars are, but this is by far the best one I know of.  For this reason alone the Oscars can officially be regarded as a joke


This movie could have been great if they had been a little more authentic in their portrayal of MMA fights. The stuff that happens outside of the cage is awesome. The three lead actors all turn in amazing performances and the story and progression of the two brothers and their father is incredibly touching. I personally relate to it immensely.

However, the stuff that happens inside the cage is just too much of a fail for me to get with this movie. I really think the makers of this film were assuming they wouldn't really need to get that part right as long as they got all the drama outside the cage right. Maybe they were right, but whatever.

Sucker Punch

It's kinda like Inception, but better, but not really.

It's like a Japanese action flick, except with a budget, except I already know English.

Too vague? Well maybe this will explain it a little better


Seems somehow appropriate. That should explain it.

Okay well that's all I got. I just read a post over at Beasts In Human Skin on Sex and Fury and now I feel like watching it and crashing out, so that's what I'm going to do.

Peace out internet, and hopefully I'll be able to get a few things settled so I wont be so flaky in the future.

Happy blogging.


  1. Drive is indeed a good movie, really great actually. And looking into seeing Warrior, looks like it could be pretty interesting.

  2. at least you're back
    and you certainly made up for it
    quite the long post
    welcome back

  3. I'm glad your back! And I too wanna see the movie Sex and Fury! Beast in human skin is an awesome blog!

    But while I was reading through your movie reviews I couldn't help but see the picture of the cocain addicted snow white... are there more pictures out there like that? I definetly wanna know!

    1. They're pretty hard to come by, but when I see one I snag it. I don't know if there are any more from this particular shoot, but I bet there are. If you see any floating around out there let me know.

  4. Oh my god! another Drive fan. I bleed through this movie , because I was stabbing myself. Now I doubt your other movies too.
    My review on Drive Drive-movie review
    Anyway is that stripped snowhite I see in your background? Smoking pot leads you to strip.

    1. I am just kidding. Drive is not my type of movie and I have very odd taste. Dont take me or my comment seriously. :)

    2. lol no worries :) I read your review of it and I can understand why you didn't like it.

  5. I didn't care for Drive. I didn't dislike it, I just didn't love it the way a lot of people have. The others I completely agree

  6. I'm afraid I haven't seen any of these movies. I have seen the old version of Conan though. Whenever I get around to watching any new movies, chances are it is animated....damn kids won't let me have the TV!!

    Glad you're back by the way...and I love the new pic of the cracked-out Snow white!

    1. lol thank you Dan! Hopefully some of those animated movies are good.

  7. Take care, and I hope your next days are well, Bonafide. Also the newer version of snow white gives me chubs.

  8. Drive was amazing. I want to see Warrior also, heard so much good stuff about it.

  9. redlettermedia tore Conan to shreds, and I agreed with everything they said...without ever watching it myself.
    I have been meaning to watch Anonymous. I was looking forward to it for ages, and then I just completely forgot about it.


    Jesus, am I the only one who watched the new Conan, reviewed it and liked it? Gah.


    Diggin' on yer new background by the way. Saved a copy for later...uh..."inspection." For..."scientific"..."purposes"...

    Also, this Anonymous movie? I dunno, the way you review it makes me really wanna dig it now. I'll give it a chance sometime, see if I can acquire it and check it out. If it's good, y'know how I am - I'll love all over it and raise our movie-human hybrid children together until old age.

    Here's an accurate depiction of Warrior: 20 minutes of fake sweaty dick punching incest.

    Purest and only MMA action there is.

  11. Well I would say there's no need to apologise, but I understand your wanting to, so we're cool.

  12. Aw you're sorry? You're allowed to have a real life too! haha

    Another movie like Inception? NO thanks...Inception confused the living hell out of me. But I love Old Spice commercials. Sigh... Conflict!

  13. Interesting movies!

  14. Yeah I need to watch some of these, I love that picture on the right. Love, for reals.

  15. Drive is bad ass. I love how there is minimal dialogue between characters. It adds a depth, that I really can't explain. And, no need to apologize :)Hope those turbulent times have smoothed over.

  16. great new snow white background...I loved Anonymous as well and Drive was awesome.

  17. Drive is kicking ass in more than few aspects. I really liked how it builded tension but it never really properly burst out. And the soundtrack? World of Warcraft in acronyms effect.
    By the way, love the new Snow White.

  18. Loved Drive and the soundtrack was awesome too.
    I've been meaning to watch Anonymous, looks really good!
    I only wanted to watch warrior because I'm kinda in love with Tom Hardy.

    Glad you're back!

  19. I haven't seen Conan (the new one)...From what I've heard on here and elsewhere, I will probably forgo watching that one.

  20. Sweetness! Thanks for the mention. Sex and Fury is definitely worth watching because really, how can you go wrong with sex and sword fighting? I honestly haven't seen any of the movies you mentioned except for Sucker Punch which was freakin' horrendous. I'm going to check out Drive and yes, even Conan no matter how bad people say it is.

  21. Heyyy, Welcome Back you, Not sure if I fancy Conan really, I loved the original & think maybe they spoil it when they make new ones (I'm old skool I guess) lol,Thought Drive was a good movie, bit slow in parts, but the Mustang sold it for me, Oh Yes lol xD Haven't seen the others yet, my fella's got Warrior but we not got round to watching it yet, Sucker Punch is on my comp, been there for an absolute age, not watched yet hehe, We have ATM to watch tonight, so I might have to do a little blog about tomorrow :))) Good to have ya back

  22. I tagged you in a blog award. Enjoy :D